Beginners Guide to Casinos

Beginners Guide to Casinos

Have You Ever Been to a Casino?

Online casinos are fantastic opportunities to bet just like in real life casinos: the 3rd millennium allows the gambling fans to bet at home or even on the move using mobile devices.

The immersion allowed by the fantastic work of the game developers is impressive these days: you can feel like you are in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo without having to worry about travelling expenses.

In case you have never been to a casino before we will explain how casinos work and the most exciting and popular games that you can find at a website just like in real life.

Casino Games

There are several kinds of casino games, divided into three categories: Roulette, Card Games and Slots. The first is a particular kind of game where you bet on the next number that will be determined by the spinning Roulette. The game involves a dealer and bets with pre-determined odds.

Card Games are top-rated, and Poker is the most relevant one with tournaments paying millions of Euros every day, online poker rooms allow you to bet just like in real life. Other popular card games include Blackjack and Baccarat. You can find these games at most online casinos, just like the ‘physical’ ones in real life.

Slots are machines that take bets automatically, and the concept is straightforward: you insert a coin (in real life) and the reels spin – depending on the combination you land you will win a prize or lose your money. Online slots work just like that and require you to determinate your bet size in terms of cash values; many games, however, use the concept of ‘virtual coin’.

Online Casino Balance

The balance works like chips in real life. They determinate how much you can bet at an online casino – some websites, however, also have other sections such as sportsbook and lottery/bingo, which means you can bet in several different ways.

To start your gaming session, you need to deposit money using one of the many payment methods at your disposal, such as credit and debit cards and e-wallets. Most casinos accept bank transfers.

Welcome Bonus

One of the most exciting aspects of betting online in comparison with real-life casinos is the fact that the operators face high competition to attract and retain customers. As the next interesting site is one click away from you, they must offer you attractive promotions to test their services. The bonuses of casinos may enhance your gaming budget a lot, you should try the most common form of a bonus which is the welcome bonus, or welcome package, the most common benefits are the deposit multipliers and the free spins for slot games.


Real-life casinos face the competition of online casinos these days, and the experience of betting online can be even more profitable, some progressive jackpot network slot games like Mega Moolah can pay prizes in the house of over 10 million Euros!