Beginners Guide to Slot Games

Beginners Guide to Slot Games

Online Slots

The online virtual slot machines work just like the real-life ones; you must spin the reels to try to land a winning combination.

In the online environment, however, you have the chance to win far more than when you try to make a Las Vegas slot spit out all its coins. While you can win some dozens of thousands of Euros using ‘physical’ machines, in the online environment there are wonders like the progressive jackpot network virtual slot games. These games connect slots and build a big jackpot purse that can be won by a player, which means that several online casinos contribute to the prizes that are won by lucky bettors. These games can reward you with prizes in the house of 8 figures! Can you imagine winning over 15 million Euros just by spinning the reels of an online slot?

Different Kinds of Slot

There are two types of slots, low volatility and high volatility with many machines in the middle of those categories.

The volatility is a concept related to the risk of the machine and the potential returns, the games that pay cash prizes more often are called low variance or volatility because you can’t win as much as you could by betting using a riskier machine.

High volatility slots, however, can bring you the big win you always dreamed of, but the chances of losing are also proportionate. The networks we referred above contain games of this kind.

Coin Size

Some games use the concept of coins, which related to how the physical games work, i.e. the fact that you need to insert a coin to ignite the reels of the machine.

A coin size is a unit of value, i.e. you can bet a specified amount of coins when the game uses this concept. If that is the case, you can adjust the coin size firstly, like 0.50 EUR for example, then how many of those ½ EUR coins you want to bet, so if you bet two coins of 0.50 EUR the amount of money of the bet is 1 EUR.

Some games, however, are much simpler and only use financial values like 1 EUR or 1.50 EUR and their menu looks a little easier to adjust.

Other Buttons of Online Slots

The buttons ‘Spin’ which starts the machine and the ones related to the financial aspects of the bet are the most important. Still, the Autoplay and MaxBet buttons are pretty self-explanatory and allow a faster adjustment of the game.

Some games also have buttons that show the values of symbol combinations and other instructions for more advanced features such as the ‘Double Up’ which allows the bettor the chance to multiply the winnings.

The ‘Level’ button is typically a way of adjusting the financial bets too either at games that use coins and the simpler ones.

Bonus Features

The online games are better than real-life ones because of the bonus features. These include free spins and other perks.

Casino Bonus

The websites also offer some exciting bonuses that can multiply your betting budget and enhance your chances of winning big. Check the fantastic bonus offer of Eaglebet today!