1000 diamond bet roulette

Sometimes there is nothing better than a traditional and classic game to have been given a whole completely different spin to make it all the more unique, especially Roulette games. Spinning the wheel and watching the ball land on a number of different betting options has always provided players with an abundance of emotions, such as ecstasy when it happens and disappointment when they are so close.

Playtech have brought us a modified version of the classic casino table game with their 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette offering. This game has a variety of different things happening for it that help to keep players involved, whilst the excitement levels will remain at their very highest.

This 1000 Diamond game review will introduce readers to the game and will look to provide them with a detailed analysis of how to play the game, whilst also providing all the key pieces of information in order to make a decision about whether the game is right for them to play.


One of the unique changes brought about by the Playtech title is the number of pockets, of which there are 105 available to bet on. Since the game layout is exactly the same as they expected when they visited the physical casino, the betting game is only slightly different because of the large number of pockets available. Some pockets have 5 different diamonds, all of which can be bet on. However, jackpot diamonds are the most valuable symbols because they can return up to 1000 times the original bet!

Although 1000 Diamond Roulette may be slightly different from traditional roulette games, the rules are still the same. Select the bet you want to place, then rotate the wheel. Players can click on the option to bet, and then just click “spin” to proceed.

All players with a betting budget can use the 1000 Diamond Roulette because the minimum allowed bet amount is 0.01 cents and the maximum amount is €50. For players who don’t want to bet real money at the beginning, there are 1000 Diamond Free Play options for you to choose from, so that players can understand the game before the real action.

Feature Bonuses

The 1000 Diamond Roulette game has many unique features that help maintain the highest gaming experience for players. Although these features may not be traditional features, they help to improve the gaming experience ten-fold.

Players are provided with “auto zoom”, “lucky number” and “quick bet” options. The “auto zoom” function can maximize the gaming table so that players can get a better appearance, while the “lucky number” will automatically place bets on the corners and boundaries of the originally selected number. “Quick bet” will see all numbers on the same row and column are selected as bets.

However, there are 1000 Diamond Roulette bonus features that don’t end there, with the “Double” and “Double and Spin” buttons available. The “Double” button will double every bet that has been placed on the game table, while the other option will double the previous bet and spin the wheel again.

RTP (return to player)

Playtech provides a theoretical rate of return (RTP) of 96.19% for players of 1000 Diamond Roulette. Compared with many other games, the RTP rate can be considered standard, but it is still attractive because it is still a very high number.

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