How Do Online Slots Work?

Ever since the first slot game appeared way back in the late 1800s, bettors have been enthralled by them. The act of pulling a lever to watch some reels spins really caught on, as the popularity of slot games has increased ever since. So it was inevitable that with the rise of the internet that these games would eventually find their way online, so that players and gamblers would no longer have to physically visit a casino to play slot games. Now, they can do it from the comfort of their own home.

A guide for you

There are hundreds,if not thousands of online slot websites, with each of them having a great library of slot games for their customers to choose from. Having such a vast number of options can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the world of online slots. So we at Euro-Casino Bonus will attempt to explain just how online slots actually work.

The idea of slot games is to try and match the same symbols across the different reels. The majority of slots will have between three and five reels, which will spin for a while before coming to a stop. At this time, it will be clear if you have won.

Bonus Features

With advancements in technology, online slot games significantly improved over the years to include bonus features, to enhance the game playing experience. Wild symbols are special symbols that will replace others on the reels, to help players to make winning combinations. There are then scatter symbols, which if enough are landed will lead to a bonus or side game. Free spins and multipliers are fairly self explanatory, but also help players achieve higher wins.


Each slot game will have a RTP, or ‘return to player’ rate. This is the percentage of how much money players should expect to see back from any particular game, if they have played it for a long enough period of time. For example, if you put €1000 into a slot game, and the RTP is 96%, it means that you should expect to see a return of €960. Of course it is not an exact science, as slot games have variables and can be volatile, but this is a good basis to judge a game on whether it is worth playing or not.

Are Slot Games Fair ?

It is a valid question, as it would be hard for an individual to know if these online casinos weren’t somehow just scamming players. Thankfully, these sites are regulated thoroughly, to ensure their fairness. Slot game outcomes are programmed with RNG (random number generator) software, which ensures that the games are operated correctly.

Every slot spin is random and independent from the previous, and the following spin. This means that myths that slots work in cycles of wins and losses, or that they won’t pay out big if another big win has just happened, are completely untrue. Hopefully this puts some of your fears about the fairness of slot games at ease.

So there we have it, that is a general overview of how online slot games work. We hope this short introduction will set you on your way to finding some great games to bet on!