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Sports betting is one of the popular types of gambling. If you love any games such as football, hockey, horse racing and many more, you can watch the game and make a lot of money, thanks to sports betting.

How Does Sports Betting Work

Regardless of the type of sport you choose, every sport consists of 3 components. These include:

  • The selection where you determine what type of bet to make depending on your predictions about the outcome.
  • The stake refers to the total amount you want to bet.
  • The odds are the probability that a particular outcome will happen.
  • Point spread which refers to how many points the sportsbook hopes either of the teams will win by. However, some sports such as boxing and baseball don’t have this option, so you need to choose the winner when making a bet.

You can make a bet after choosing a specific sportsbook depending on your research.

What You Need To Know About Odds

If you are just getting started with online sports betting, you need to understand odds. They are used to determine the winnings to any bets. They are used to ascertain the probability of any event. Odds get categorised using different formulas. Here’s what you need to know.

Moneyline/American Odds

It’s the formula used to show odds in American sports betting sites. They can be negative or positive. The negative number indicates how much you need to stake to win at least $100 while the positive figure shows how much you would win with $100 wager. For instance, +150 shows you would make $150 from a $100 bet. On the other hand, -150 indicates that you need to wager $150 to make at least $100.


They are mostly used for European and Australian sports betting sites. Decimal odds are now popularly used in a lot of online betting sites because they are simple and easy to understand. The decimal odds show how much you will get from any stake. For instance, if the odds are 1.5, you will win $1.5 for every stake of $1.

Fractional Odds

Previously used in most UK sports betting sites, decimal odds are slowly replacing it. The fractional odds are quite tricky when ascertaining profits and payouts. Displayed as fractions such as 3/1; when you see the odds, it means that for every unit staked. You will win three units.

If the upper number is larger than the one below it, the odds are against. Here, the potential profit is higher than the original stake. If the upper number is smaller, there is a considerable likelihood of a loss.

Odds often vary from one sportsbook to the other. That’s why you need to do your research to find the best ones to guarantee higher winnings on any game. is here to help. By going through our site, you will find reviews of various sportsbook and their odds, allowing you to make the best decision when making bets online.