What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

You are sure to have heard about things like matching welcome bonuses that online casinos offer to new players visiting their platforms. But did you know that you can get no deposit bonuses too?

Most bonuses that casinos offer are to attract new gamers to their websites and are what are known as matching bonuses. In other words, you must first pay a deposit to the casinos and they will then match it with the same amount that you can use to play free. Sometimes these welcome bonuses will offer to more than match your deposit by 100%. They may offer 200%, 300% or even 500%.

No deposit bonuses are real

You’ll be pleased, and perhaps even surprised to hear, that some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses. The world of online gaming is becoming more and more competitive almost by the minute. That is why some casinos, particularly the new ones, offer no deposit bonuses. It’s a way of trying to establish themselves.

What is a no deposit bonus?

So, what is a no deposit bonus? It is a free bonus that online casinos offer, enabling a player to try out games without having to use their hard-earned cash. You’ll find plenty of these offers around, but you need to tread carefully.

A no deposit bonus offer is usually a welcome bonus. To apply you must first register with the casino offering it and provide them with your bank or credit details. There is nothing wrong with that. All casinos do it.

Is it really no deposit?

The problem is that the casino you register with may not allow you to withdraw any winnings you might make courtesy of using your do deposit bonus, without making a deposit. In other words, you’ve been caught out with a play on words.

Yes, you can actually get a no deposit bonus that costs you nothing and that you can use to gamble with. However, you can’t actually get to your winnings. You must first make a real deposit using real money. Only then can you access your prize money.

You have to bear in mind, of course, that online casinos are like any other business. They exist to make a profit. If they allowed players to play for nothing and withdraw any winnings they might make immediately, they would be throwing money away. Word would soon get out and they would be inundated by freeloaders. The casinos wouldn’t last long. They would soon go bust.

What are the benefits of no deposit bonuses?

The biggest benefit of a no deposit bonus relates to people who are not sure about online gaming and who just want to try it out to see if they like it. No deposit means you can gamble without having to touch a penny of your hard-earned cash.

Another advantage with no deposit bonuses is that they give players the chance to try out new games. You don’t have to worry about not being familiar with the game as it’s is costing you nothing to play.

The disadvantages of no deposit bonuses

You must read the online casino’s terms and conditions before jumping in with both feet. T&Cs are not difficult to read or understand. Reading them before you take the plunge can prevent you from being disappointed. It’s good practice anyway.

The other thing you should check out before signing up for a no deposit bonus is which games can you use it to play? The fact of the matter is that the casino will usually only allow it to be used against the games that favour the house.

Most casinos will also insist that you can only spend the winnings against no deposit bonus play in the casino itself.

Last but not least, it is usually new casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. They are the ones who need new clients most. As the casino is likely to be new, first check out that it is reputable.

The best no deposit bonuses to look out for?

There are a lot of rogues about in the online casino industry. They use scams to take your money. Before you decide on a particular casino, do a little research and make sure you are not being scammed.

You probably won’t get rich overnight

You’ll find it is only online casinos that will offer a no deposit bonus. Conventional casinos have much higher running costs and simply can’t afford to do so.

Remember to read the terms and condition, particularly the wagering conditions. This will tell you if there is a set number of times you must play before you can withdraw any winnings. This can be as much as 30 times the bonus.

The other thing is that the size of no deposit bonuses is quite small. You shouldn’t expect to become rich overnight.