What is a mobile casino bonus, and how does it work?

Nearly all mobile online casinos offer a mobile casino bonus. The reason for doing so is to attract new players to their platforms. But as well as attracting new players, these bonuses are often extended to existing players as casinos are always looking to increase the revenue they get from both new and current gamers.

Mobile casinos are attracting bigger audiences day by day. Having the ability to break the boredom of travelling to and from work or to see someone by indulging in your favourite pastime is an enticing thought. Why waste time looking out of the window when you could be having fun and maybe winning some money into the bargain too? Especially if you can do it for free.

But can you really do it for free, and if so, how?

You can really play for free

If you travel around with your mobile phone, iPad or tablet, you too can play games at a mobile casino on-the-hoof as it were. What’s more, if you find a mobile casino offering bonuses, you might even be able to play for free.

Most online casinos (and this includes mobile casinos too) offer bonuses. The most popular type of bonus is what is known as a matching bonus. If you can pick up a matching casino bonus, you can, in effect, play at no cost.

There is one small catch, and that is the fact that you have to place a deposit with the casino. A matching bonus offer does what it says on the tin. You will be given a bonus that matches the precise amount of the deposit you make. However, once you’ve done that, you can play games for free by using that bonus to depletion.

You must play out your mobile casino bonus on your mobile device

There is one other thing to bear in mind. New mobile casinos are launching all the time, so any matching mobile bonuses they offer have to be played on your mobile device. It is not a catch in as much as you wanted to play on your mobile device anyway – didn’t you?

Generous sized mobile casino bonuses

As mobile casinos operate in a very competitive marketplace, a lot of them are offering bonuses in excess of 100%. Some offer mobile bonuses of 200% or 300%. That’s twice or three times the amount of your initial deposit. Some even offer a 500% bonus. Note the use of the word “initial” though. In other words, the offer only applies to your initial deposit. New players only.

Repeating welcome bonuses

First-time mobile bonuses are often known as “welcome bonuses,” and they usually relate to initial deposits only. But now it is quite common for mobile casinos to offer matched bonuses on your first four or five consecutive deposits. Very often, casinos will cap the amount of the deposit on these multiple offers. It’s understandable. These offers are quite generous, and you must bear in mind that mobile casinos are there to make a profit.

When a mobile casino bonus is a welcome type bonus and part of a sign-up deal, they are sometimes also accompanied by an additional offer of ten or twenty-five free spins on one or more slot games.

Activating your welcome bonus

Activating your welcome mobile casino bonus couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is complete the casino’s registration process and make your first deposit. The bonus will be activated automatically. Some mobile casino bonuses require an activation code. It will be given to you when you make your deposit, but you will need to make a note of it and enter it again (if requested) to trigger the bonus.

You must play your bonus in full to receive the benefit

The only other thing you should be aware of is that you cannot take your bonus out without using it up. Casinos are not charitable institutions, so naturally, you must play your bonus out. Once you’ve done so, any prize money you’ve accrued can then be withdrawn.